8' Connelly "Redington" Pool Table - $1700

USA made version features solid Oak rail tops and 1" slates and tapered leg option!! Features their 4 bolt per rail system! Connelly's best selling model!

8' Brunswick "Oak Manchester" Pool Table  $3000  
​This USA made model is in mint condition and features 1 3/8" solid Red Oak construction that supports 1" backed slates.  The table also has decorative scrolling in the rails, cabinet and legs.  We have applied new K55 cushion rubber to the table.  When Brunswick discontinued the American production this model retailed for $4499.00!  Stunning Table!!! 

8' Clark & Son Custom "President" Pool Table   $2900
This custom made pool table by our company is made out of solid 1 5/8" solid Red Oak and features brass accenting on a Special Walnut finish.  The table has 3-piece 1" thick  Italian matched and framed slates, K-66 cushions and American made Hood Leather Pockets.  Do not miss out on this table!!!

8'os  National "Alamo I " Pool Table $1850  
Made in Cincinnati this table was made for pool room and tournament style play with  durable Formica finish,  Penny-Vein metal rail caps, 1" Italian slates,  K66 cushions, molded bucket pockets, convenient ball storage and metal triangle and bridge cue holders!  Table is in mint condition!!  

9' Imperial "Augustine Pool Table  $4000

Has Burl rail tops, six legs, loop and tassel pockets and is in mint condition!!!

8'os Brunswick"Sport King" Pool Table  $2175

This USA made model was Brunswick's pool room and competition table during the 1950's.  It has been fully refurbished to its original Art Deco design!  Features Formica rail tops, 1" framed slates, "Monarch" cushions, Bosse pockets and ball storage!  A true classic!!

6' Brunswick "Bristol"   $900

Rare small sized USA made version.  Table is in excellent condition!  Perfect for restricted room areas!  One-piece slate playfield!

8' Brunswick "Tahoe" Pool Table -  $1800

USA made version!  Features diamond rail sites!!

Mint condition with great value !  

8' Olhausen "Maple Eclipse" Pool Table  $2500

USA made with Italian slate,  Table features Italian Slate and traditional styling at a great price!  Done in Whitewash finish on maple!

8'os Gandy "Hustler"  Pool Table  $2100
​This USA made, one owner table was sold by our company originally  and features pool room construction throughout, heavy-duty framing, rails with BRAND NEW K66 cushion rubber that all sit on dowel pinned 1" framed Italian Slates!  Table is in like new condition!!  Don't hesitate as it will not last long!!! For serious players!!

8' Olhausen "Maple Augusta" Pool Table   $2800

USA made with Italian slate this model features solid Maple wood in a Traditional Pecan finish with an arch frame and carved ball and claw legs.  It also features Olhausen's exclusive "Accu-Fast" lifetime warranted cushion rubber and Hood Leather Pockets!  A beauty!!!

8'os National MFG of Cincinnati "Alamo II" Pool Table  $1800   ~  Table is mint condition!
American made table features 3-piece framed 1" Italian slates, Championship K55 cushion rubber, solid wood rail tops with a durable Formica finish attached to Penny-Vein corner castings, heavy duty wood framing, commercial leg levelers and new molded bucket pockets!

9' Olhausen "Maple Reno" Pool Table  $3500

From the top American manufacturer this mint condition model features 1" Italian slates and Olhausen's lifetime warranted cushion rubber for top play!!  Table is done in their Traditional Mahogany finish on Maple with Genuine Mother of Pearl diamonds!  Save over $1000 off new price!!!

9' Clark & Son Custom "Oak Statesman" Pool Table $2500

Extremely heavy pool table out of solid 1 5/8" solid Red Oak!!

8' American Heritage " Barcelona" Pool Table - $3500

Described as "The tidal ebb and flow was the motivation for this original. The flowing shoreline shape of the cabinetry is anchored by solid Maple hand carved post legs, accented with a shell that only Mother Nature can create. The oversized designer rails are the finishing touches on this game room masterpiece.  USA Made!!

8' AMF-Playmaster Pool Table  $1300
USA made with 1" slates, AMFast Cushions ,  Formica covered solid wood rails and metal rail and apron mitres all sitting on heavy duty framing!

8' os  Clark & Son "Cherry Diplomat" Pool Table  $2800

This model was custom manufactured to order by our company out of 1 5/8" solid Amish Cherry wood and done in a Antiqued Mahogany finish.  The table features 1" Italian Slates, K-66 cushion rubber and Genuine Hood Leather pockets with turned pedestal legs. 

8' Hercules "Noble" Pool Table  $1250  
USA made with heavy duty framing and Uni-liner for stapled cloth adhesion this model features Italian slates, Tru-Fast cushions and durable metal corners! Mint Condition!! Always a great seller!!

8' Ebonite Pool Table   $1200

USA made by one of the "Big 3" of its time of its time with Italian slate, metal corner caps and solid wood leg design!!  Great table for heavy duty use!!!

7' Imperial "Player II" Pool Table $1300  w/ Cloth color choice or $1225 with current like new Olive cloth attached.

Sold by us originally, this model features heavy duty metal framing, 3-piece slate, K66 cushion rubber, metal corner caps and ball and supply storage area!  Always a quick seller!!  

The following pool table were Ohio made by the Hercules Company.  Excellent quality and price point value!!

8'os Sterling Pool Table by Vitalie  $3200
Showpiece furniture pool table with 1" Italian slates, new K66 cushion rubber and unique design carved Queen Anne Legs!!

8' World of Leisure "Davenport" Pool Table.  $2000

USA made model features a walnut stain and unique legs!

The following models were made by Murrey & Sons in California.  They were long considered one of the "BIG 3" of top table manufacturers!!

8' Leisure Bay  Pool Table - $1500

USA made this popular selling model features solid Oak rail tops with metal corner caps,  Italian slates, Imperial Mark I K66 cushion, heavy duty framing and leather bucket pockets!  A great table at a great sale price!!  Table is in pristine condition!!

8'os Brunswick "Orleans" Pool Table  $4000
USA made table is solid Mahogany with classic #3 style leather pockets and diamond inlaid sights.  Table was Brunswick's top of the line furniture style pool table before Chinese production!  2 available!

8' Brunswick "Bradford II"     $2400

USA made version with Ball & Claw leg option and Honey Finish on Maple!

7' Clark & Son Custom "Diplomat" Pool Table  $2500

This one-owner custom crafted pool table features 1 5/8" stock solid Red Oak construction sitting on carved round pedestal legs.  The table has 1" matched and framed Italian slates, K66 cushion rubber and USA made Hood Leather Goods Pockets.  The table has a Walnut finish and comes with brass bridge cue hooks!!  Solid North American Red Oak pool tables are becoming extinct!  Don't pass this one up! LIKE NEW!!

8' Brunswick "Mansfield II" Pool Table $2500

Described by Brunswick as "A richly appealing table, the Mansfield's classic styling brings an air of distinction to your home. This table displays beautiful proportion and presence.  USA made and solid Oak!

8' Clark & Son Custom "Statesman" Pool Table  $1800
​Custom made by our company this model  features solid Red Oak construction, 1" matched and framed  Italian slates and BRAND NEW K66 cushion rubber!!!  This version was our heaviest model we made.  Also available in 9' in a Golden Oak finish - call for pricing!

Hand detailed real wood carvings and turn of the century styling combine to make the 9' "ANTIQUE" another one of the top selling MURREY pool tables. Hand carved pedestals, cabinet and rail aprons. Genuine leather pockets. Full 1.75" thick main frame cabinet. Made of solid poplar/tulip wood. Intricate carvings are added to the main cabinet for additional accents and old world charm. Professional grade Billiard fabric and MURREY "K-66" profile pure gum rubber cushions. Individual leg levelers are concealed in each pedestal and make re-leveling an easy task. Full 1 " thick 3 piece oversized slate play field. Genuine Italian slate diamond ground to a perfect level. The custom wool/nylon blended Billiard cloth insures top play with long lasting tear strength. Genuine leather pockets.  $3600

8'  Clark & Son Custom "Ambassador"  $1550
Custom made by our company this model has solid Oak rails and aprons, 1" Italian slates and genuine USA made leather pockets.  Table has a beautiful Walnut finish on Oak with heavy duty framing!  Always a quick seller when we get this table back in stock! Also available in Jacobean

8' Brunswick "Camden II" Solid Oak USA MADE  $2900

Described by Brunswick as "Artistically transforming finish and leg options into dignified dashes of individual distinction, the Camden II is the embodiment of polished dignity, ageless beauty, and impeccable style!

8' Brunswick "Dakota" Pool Table - USA  $1700


Brunswick's all time best selling leather pocket model!!

8' Connelly "Sedona" USA Pool Table   $3550
​This model is made out of 2" solid Cherry wood, features 1 1/4" slates and their exclusive 4 rail bolt system on 5" deluxe rails!!  A masterpiece!!!

8' Connelly "San Carlos" Pool Table 

USA MADE  with solid Maple Construction!  


8' Brunswick "Mahogany Nashua"   $3250

USA made out of solid Mahogany wood this rare model has unique scrolling and elegant design!  Heavy duty framing that has scrolling!!

7' AMF-Playmaster  Pool Table - Call for Details

Mint condition, ornate and made out of solid Maple.  Table has darker finish than shown!  Cool styling!!


*** Delivery is free within 50 miles of our store per MapQuest. $2 per each additional mile roundtrip.


8' American Heritage "Vail" Pool Table  $1850  

USA made version with solid Oak rails and aprons, 1" Italian Slates supported by Uniliner and brand new K66 Cushion rubber!  Mint condition!!  Their best selling model at time of production!

The following models are available from C.L. Bailey.  We offer new models from them as well!  See their link on our New Table Tab!

8' American Heritage "Tacoma" Pool Table  $2400  
Ohio made with 1" Italian slates this one owner table has BRAND NEW K-66 cushion rubber and logo leather pockets! This solid Oak table is  done in a Fruitwood finish with Mother of Pearl sites.  Table has solid Oak rails, aprons and turned pedestal legs!  Table is in pristine condition!!

 8' Olhausen "Sheraton" Pool Tables  $1700.   

This model is  Olhausen's top selling model of all time.  Features solid Oak rail tops, USA made leather pockets by RC Designs, K66 pure gum rubber cushions and Italian Slates on the Olhausen uni-liner!!  Best valued pool table we have available!!!  

8'os Brunswick USA  "Ventura" Pool Table  $3250
​Described by Brunswick "Elegant in its simplicity, the Ventura allows the beautiful grain and rich patina of hand rubbed mahogany to speak for itself.  Squared and tapered legs and traditional leather pockets echo the durability and styling of Brunswick's past!  Brand new cushion rubber and leather pockets add to the value of this beautiful table!

8' World of Leisure  "Houston " Pool Table  $2100
This solid Maple USA made pool table had one owner and is in mint condition!!  Table features a uni-liner frame with 1" Italian slates, USA leather weave shielded pockets and K66 cushions.  Table stained in a Cherry finish!  Must See!!  Mint Condition!

8' Hercules "Sturbridge" Pool Table  - $1300
This USA model features BRAND NEW K66 cushion rubber, heavy duty metal framing, metal corner caps and a ball and supply storage area.  Table is like new with 1" Italian slates.  Great model for durability and playability!

8' Brunswick "Chaparral"  $2400

USA made version in Oak with Ball & Claw Legs!  Classic Styling!

9' Connelly "Sonoita"   $3000
Mint condition, Great leather pocket 9' option!!

The following models are all USA made versions by Brunswick prior to Chinese production.  The oldest and most recognized name in Billiards!

9' Gandy Hustler Pool Table with Ball Return  $2750
​USA made with billiard room playability and durability!! Table is in absolute stunning condition!  Has modern style Gandy ball return system.  Gandy was the official table supplier for the BCA when this table was made and part of billiard lore. Table features Italian slates that are dowel-pinned.  Great table for the serious player!!  Commercially used 8'os pocket version also available at great price!!!

7' Golden West Pool Table  $2100

USA made in California this mission style table features a beautiful Oak finish


The following pool table was made by Golden West in California!  These are considered high end pool tables!

8'os  Gandy  "Miss America"  Pool Table $1400  -

Sold by us originally, this durable  Formica laminate model features heavy duty framing, 1" framed and doweled Italian slate and full thickness K66  cushion rubber.  Table is in superb condition!  Always sells fast!! Lowest price model with oversize 46x92" playing area!!

8' Brunswick "Windsor VIP" Pool Table  $1200

USA made this table comes with 3/4" matched and doweled Italian slate,  Walnut Formica finished rail tops with metal apron caps and heavy duty wood legs and  framing.   Table has brand new rubber cushion!!  A Brunswick classic model!!

8' American Heritage "Phoenix" Pool Table $2000

Ohio made version is in mint condition and features their Uniliner construction, solid Oak rails and aprons, Italian slate, carved Rams Head legs and loop and tassel fancy leather pockets!  Always a great seller for us!!

Pre-Owned Pool Tables

8' American Heritage "Princeton" Pool Table  $2500

Table features beautiful Antiqued Cherry stain on Maple and sagless leather pockets! Heavy duty table!

8' Connelly "Mariposa" Pool Table  $3500

Heavy, heavy duty construction with scalloped rail tops!  A classic in design and style!!   USA Made model!!!

This model was USA made by California based World of Leisure.  Known for their unique table designs!

8' Brunswick "Buckingham" Pool Table $1425

USA made version features 1" Italian slate, Superpeed cushion rubber, in rail score units and metal rail and apron miters!

9' Brunswick "Heirloom" Pool Table   $3000

USA made model in mint condition, always a beautiful pool table for any room setting! Tournament size for the serious player!!

9' Murrey Pro 6400 Pool Table  (sold in lot 10 )  Call for lot pricing!!
Bought from a pool room these tables are the same model as used in the motion picture "The Color of Money".  Extremely rare to the Midwest these tables would be excellent for a pool room start up! 

8' Hercules "Oak Knight"   $1300

8' Hercules "Andrew Jackson"  $2200

8'os Peter Vitalie Solid Ash "Biarritz" 6 Legged Pool Table   $4000
​Sold by our company originally this one owner special order custom made model was made by Peter Vitalie in North Carolina.  Vitalie was regarded as the most extravagant pool table manufacturer to ever exist.  This massive model is made out of solid Ash in a 2" stock thickness and features artistic scrolling and carvings, 6 legs and brand new leather pockets which the customer can select from several options!!

This table makes a great addition to any setting!!   Table is in absolute mint condition!!!

8' Brunswick "Bristol II " Pool Table  $1250
USA made version with durable Formica rails!  Their best selling table of all-time!

Both 8'os and 9' Brunswick "Century Supreme"
USA made model features pool room/tournament grade durability and playability!  Super Clean!! 

8'os  $2000 / 9' $2500

8' Craftmaster "Magnolia" Pool Table w/ MATCHING DINING TOP   $3000

Solid wood construction in a beautiful Mahogany finish this model features 1" slates, double thickness rail tops with double inlaid diamonds and RC Design leather pockets.  Table has matching 3-piece wood dining top as well!  Table is stunning and elegant!!

8' Golden West Pool Table $2500
Heavy duty solid Oak construction throughout with Brass decorative trim gives this table a classy and modern look!  One of US's premium manufacturers!  Table has K66 cushion, Italian slates and leather drop bucket pockets!

RARE!!  4x8'os Sterling Pool Table   $4000
​This heavy duty and ornate pool table has beautiful design and workmanship!  The table features 1" dowel pinned slates and brand new K66 cushion rubber! If you want to make a statement with your pool table look no further!!!  USA craftsmanship at its finest!!

8' Hercules "James Madison" Pool Table $2400

Ohio made with solid Oak construction throughout, 1" slate and routed frame design!

8' Brunswick "Mission" Pool Table -   $3300

USA made out of solid Oak.   Described by Brunswick as "The Mission table takes its inspiration, and it's name, from  mission furniture.  With the clean, unornamented lines of the Shaker tradition, this table features distinctive corbels, set into massive support posts resting on two base trestles that are connected by a bridge stretcher.   A true Masterpiece!!

8' AMF-Playmaster "Savannah" Pool Table $1975

Solid Oak rails, aprons and legs support 1" slates on this USA made model!  Has famous AMFast cushion rubber!!

8' Brunswick "Ranchero" Pool Table   $1200  
USA made entry level model by the biggest name brand! This 3-piece  slate pool table has all the features you would want with original styling at a price you can not beat!!  We have applied brand new rail caps  to the table!  Excellent Condition!!

9' Clark & Son Custom "Oak Senator" Pool Table $2500

This model was custom manufactured to order by our company out of 1 5/8" solid Amish Red Oak and stained in a Walnut finish.  The table features 1" Italian slates, K-66 cushion rubber and Genuine Hood Leather Pockets!!

8' Hercules "John Adams" Pool Table  $2000
Ohio made with solid Oak rails and round pedestal legs, genuine leather pockets with Italian slate!!


This model was built by America's top manufacturer Olhausen.  We were Olhausen dealers for 10 years and usually have models circulate back to us!

8' Hercules "George Washington"  Pool Table  $1775

This Ohio made table features solid Oak rails, 1" Italian slate and TRU-Fast K66 cushion rubber.  Beautiful Walnut finish on Oak with logo leather pockets for long lasting appearance!  Great value!!

7' Connelly "Catalina" w/ Ultimate Upgrade   $3000

This USA made version was upgraded to 6" solid Oak rails with genuine Mother-of-Pearl diamonds, pure gum rubber cushion rubber and full 1 1/4" Ultimate slates.  Table also has built in accessory drawer.  Beautiful Red Mahogany finish!  Huge savings off new!!!

This model was USA made by the Peter Vitalie Company in North Carolina. They made the most exclusively priced tables in the industry!

8' Imperial "Player I" Pool Table $1350  

Originally sold by our store this table features heavy duty metal  framing, metal corner caps, BRAND NEW K66 cushion durable Formica rail tops!

8' Brunswick "Oak Geneva" Pool Table  $1400

USA made with Formica covered  solid wood rail tops, durable metal rail and apron caps and Brunswick's famous "Superspeed" cushion rubber!

8' Brunswick "Matador" Pool Table  $1100

This vintage classic was a staple in the Formica series home models made by Brunswick!  USA made this model features 7/8" genuine Italian slates, Brunswick step cushion rubber and intricate apron panel design and Brunswick's commercial level framing...  

6' Fisher Coin-op table - Coin Feature Removed  $800   -  CURRENTLY ON DISPLAY!!

Also available for cash and carry discount!   Has room friendly 32x64" playing area with excellent condition Standard Green cloth!

The following tables were USA made by Connelly.  Connelly is regarded as one of the top pool table manufacturers!  Excellent construction!!

9' Rozel "Gold Cup"  Pool Table with Ball Return $2750

Made to emulate the Brunswick Gold Crown III pool table this heavy duty commercial style model has 1" Italian slate, K66 cushion rubber, in rail score units and a reliable wire track ball return system.  This model was commercially used.  A great pool table for a serious player!!

The following models were USA made versions by American Heritage before they went to offshore production! They feature their patented Uniliner construction

8' American Heritage "Cypress" Pool Table  $2400
USA made version sports solid Oak rails with diamond sites, solid Oak  aprons and solid wood carved ball & claw legs done in a Fruitwood finish with 1" slates.  Table will have new K66 cushion rubber and customer's color choice of Teflon cloth!

8'os Brunswick "Madison"   $2850
​USA made out of solid Maple wood - beautiful lines - Honey finish and heavy duty!!

8' Olhausen Oak "Gem"  Pool Table $2450
​From the top American manufacturer this unique model features a Platinum Wash finish (Pickled White) with brass inset accents.  This table was sold by our company originally and will also come with brand new K66 cushion rubber!! Great table for modern room setting!!

8' Brunswick "Hawthorn" Pool Table $2100

USA made with leather bucket pockets and solid Maple construction!! 

8' CL Bailey "Alicante" Pool Table  $2700
Solid Maple construction throughout, this extremely heavy duty model was sold by our company originally!  Classic styling!!!

8'os Brunswick "Century Supreme" Pool Table  $2000   -  ALSO AVAILABLE IN WALNUT FINISH!!!
​Heavy duty commercial style model designed with billiard room play and durability to suit the serious player!  Table features BRAND NEW K55 cushion rubber, metal corner and apron trims, in-rail score units and a ball storage area! Table has like new Championship Tournament Green cloth.  Customer can have color choice of 22oz Teflon coated cloth for an additional $100.  USA made version!!!!!  

8' Connelly "Kayenta" Pool Table  $2100

USA made version features beautiful honey maple finish, 1" slates, K66 cushion, their 4 bolt per rail system and genuine leather pockets!!  Save $1500 off new price!!

The following models were part of our custom made "President's Line" by our company here in Canton.  Unparalleled construction!! We put our name on it!!

8' AMF-Playmaster Pool Table   $1950
Solid Oak rails with AMFast cushions and 1" slates!!

8' Brunswick "Bradford II" Pool Table  $2600

Made from solid Brazilian Mahogany this table exemplifies Brunswick's classic styling!!  USA MADE VERSION!!